Neutrophil and Lymphocyte


The image above shows a lymphocyte (left) and a polymprphonuclear neutrophil (right) in the peripheral blood. The lymphocyte is a cell about 10μ in size with a dense purple nucleus and agranular, slightly basophilic (blue) cytoplasm. About 10% of the lymphocytes are larger and have more abundant cytoplasm which shows granules (large granular lymphocytes). This is a small lymphocyte. A polymorphonuelear neutrophil is 12-15μ a cell with a segmented nucleus (not visible in this picture because the nucleus is folded on itself) that has clumped chromatin and an eosinophilic (pink) cytoplasm and pink granules. The contrast between nuclear shape, chromatin, cytoplasmic staining and granulation of the two cells is evident.

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