Lymphocytes – Large and Small

There are two types of lymphocytes small (10-12µm) and large (12-16µm).

Most of the lymphocytes in the peripheral blood are small. The nucleus of he lymphocytes is small, round, usually indented. The chromatin of the lymphocyte nucleus

  1. Deep purple, small, round, usually indented
  2. Has no nucleoli
  3. Has a densely clumped deep chromatin

The cytoplasm of the lymphocyte is

  1. Moderately basophilic (blue)
  2. Scanty forming a thin rim around the nucleus
  3. Devoid of granules

Large lymphocytes have a more abundant cytoplasm with a few azurophilic granules. Some of these are T supressor lymphocytes (Cd3+ Cd8+) while others are NK cells (Cd3 – CD8+). The picture above shows a large granular lymphocyte

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